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Saturday, January 16, 2016

In Love

The gloomy night seemed a joyful matter,
For my heart was unjust and somewhere lost.
I felt the charms being sung to me,
A fluid of fun circulated in my cells.
Though my thoughts were impermeable to all worries,
But there was something mating my mind
To think of something rather blissful.
My lips urged to broaden up,
For something intimate had licked my mind.
My soul felt restful and purer than ever,
There was something for which I was glad.
I took a second and took a step back,
To know what kept me awake.
A shrill cry I just gave abrupt,
For I came to know that I was in love.
In love with someone whose never a past.
Yet a weird worry nested in my heart.
I was doubtful to the extent of an ocean,
“Whether he ever noticed me?”
He smiles with a shine forever,
But his eyes never seem to take my sight,
“Will he ever be mine?”
I have been pondering onto this point
At all times and rather at night,
But something that science could guarantee is
That my love will always enchant me with his light.


  1. Beautifully expressed... Stay blessed!

  2. Thanks Didi for the positive comment. Hoping to meet you soon...

  3. hey hi I read this post of yours and i was delighted to read anything about harvard cause i want to go to harvard real bad. To apply for the admission you had to give the Sat exam right? is that exam easy or hard i looked at previous year question papers and they seemed easy but something was there to trick us. What do you think and did you apply for the financial aid? Is it important to give the SAT exam as well as the ACT exam? and are calculators allowed in certain tests? well for that i would say HOW JUVENILE COULD THAT BE???

  4. Sorry i commented about another post on a completely different page. just consider this as your dream school post lol by the my name is lakshita